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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Appletime offer a preschool program?

Yes, Appletime offers curriculum for all ages.  We have a weekly theme in which art, science, math, language, music, stories and large muscle activities are incorporated.  The children are having so much fun that they often don’t realize they are learning at the same time.  Kindergarten readiness is a top priority and we do practice letter and number recognition as well as sounds of the letters.  The kids practice writing their names, letters and numbers.

How are your teachers qualified? 

The state of MN has 9 different ways for a person to qualify as a teacher.  A teacher could have an elementary degree, an early childhood degree, or have the credits in childcare courses and a number of hours of experience in childcare.  Assistant teachers have some schooling and some experience.  Aides have no schooling and no experience.  Background studies are done on all staff hired.  Appletime is committed to hiring well qualified, and knowledgeable staff to teach your children.  Appletime is very faithful in following all of the state guidelines for teacher qualifications and following staff to child ratios.

When is Appletime closed? 

Appletime is closed for the major holidays:  New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.  We are open on Christmas Eve from 6am to 1pm and on the day after Thanksgiving.  On bad weather days, we will be open if any staff can get to the center.  We ask parents to call ahead of time to make sure there is staff at the center.

Can I reserve an opening for my child? 

Yes, you can.  To reserve a place for your child, contact the center Director to make sure there is an opening for your child.  If there is, all you need to do is fill out a pre-registration form and put down a $60 registration fee.  An opening will be held for your child.

Do I pay for care if my child is not at the center?

Appletime gives families vacation days to use when your child is not at the center.  The number of days you receive coincides with the number of days you are in attendance at the center each week and at the start of your third year in attendance, your vacation days double.  You can choose when you use your vacation days.  After they are used, you will pay for all other days your child is not at the center, but is scheduled to come.

Are staff trained in First Aid and CPR?

All Appletime staff are trained in both First Aid and infant, child and adult CPR.  Appletime requires this training on an annual basis.

What happens if I need to have someone else pick up my child? 

You will want to inform the staff when someone else is coming to pick up your child.  Staff will check that person’s picture id and will escort them to your child’s room for pick up.  


Now open from 6:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. 


Call for rates. Rogers - (763) 428-8444 or Elk River - (763) 441-8079





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