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Appletime's Programs 

The Art Area

  • Fosters creativity
  • Enables children to explore
  • Experiment with using and mixing different colors
  • Develops hand and eye coordination
  • Uses and develops imagination
  • Shows feeling/mood through art  
The Block Area
  • Allows children to use imagination and creativity
  • Discovery of math concepts: numbers, size, shape, space, weight
  • Work together as a team
  • Share an area with others 
The Library Area
  • Uses eyes and ears
  • Learns new and exciting things
  • Enjoy other worlds
  • Learn that printed and written words have meaning
  • Learn to follow a narrative story
  • Learn to share
  • Foster a love for reading

The Dramatic Play Area

  • Allows children to construct social and emotional knowledge
  • Allows for family and community role-play
  • Aids in peer interaction and understanding of other’s perspectives
  • Promotes sharing with others and learning to work side by side. 

The Large Motor Area

  • Fosters cooperative and organized play
  • Provides an outlet for energy
  • Learn to be a team player
  • Builds healthy minds and bodies

The Small Motor Area

  • Develops dexterity and hand-eye coordination
  • Promotes patience
  • Develops skills essential for writing and daily living

The Math and Science Area

  • Lead to self-awareness and discovery
  • Prompts children to ask “How?”
  • Begin to explore and practice beginning math skills
  • Teaches sorting, counting, and classifying
  • Allows children to solve problems 

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